Hongdian 5G RedCap terminal products help city construction

Jan 03, 2024

On December 26, the Shenzhen City Innovation Conference was held. Hongdian was invited to participate in the innovation conference with a series of 5G RedCap terminal products. Guests, experts and scholars from all sectors of the national 5G ecosystem gathered together to explore the future of information digital innovation.

At the scene, the ten typical application scenarios of 5G RedCap of China Mobile were widely praised, among which the 5G RedCap empowered smart industrial energy theme terminal products displayed by Hongdian attracted guests from all walks of life to exchange and discuss.

At present, China Mobile 5G RedCap has taken the lead in realizing the whole network coverage of the city, actively playing the role of the modern industrial chain of mobile information, integrating the upstream and downstream capabilities of the industrial chain, and continuing to empower thousands of industries.

As an enterprise focusing on IoT technology and application innovation for more than 20 years, Hongdian will join hands with China Mobile in the future, under the guidance of Shenzhen Industry and Information Technology Bureau and Shenzhen Communications Administration Bureau, jointly promote 5G RedCap to empower the development of the industry in a wider range, deeper level and higher level.

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