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Game consoles and lottery machines are very popular devices. Traditional game consoles are coin-operated, not connected to the Internet or connected via a wired network. Nowadays, more and more occasions are suitable for setting up these games such as grasping doll machines, twisting egg machines, and some self-service KTV machines in front of the mall. Now they all have access to platforms through 4G and 5G networks, and have entered the 4G/5G era.

Games and lottery machines are now very common services. Many stores have these machines. However, traditional wired-based console networking solutions, such as ADSL and fiber optics, have a number of disadvantages that hamper the growth of this market. Cable connection deployment is difficult to deploy in different environments, which is affected by cable length and cable network. There is no backup system, and lottery data is at risk over the public Internet.

Thanks to 4G/5G wireless technology, Hongdian provides 4G/5G router solution, which has successfully deployed in many countries, to overcome all the above limitation of cable network connection. Hongdian 4G/5G router, with Industrial class design, metal case, be suit for lottery machine connecting application, embedded two 4G module, can support different operator network in one router, supports dual SIM card auto-switch hot backup, and can appoint which 4G module is primary and backup; it almost no pause or delay when link switch. Supports IPSec VPN data protection and ISP private network providing the most secure tunnel for data transmission. Secure, stable, Reliable, flexible makes your lottery service perfect.

Easy to Deploy
With the 4G router provided by Hongdian, the machine can be quickly deployed without being constrained by cables.
Protocol Encryption
Provide IPSec, DMVPN, GRE and other encryption, convenient connection to private data center, convenient settlement.
Cloud Management
Wedora platform of Hongdian can be selected to provide remote device management, traffic monitoring and other functions.
Secure Networking
Make full use of 4G/5G dedicated APN network to provide dedicated and secure data transmission environment.
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