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With the advent of intelligent city and big data era, wireless communication will realize the connection of everything. More and more Internet of things applications begin to use new technology NB-IoT and LTE Cat-M networks. NB-IoT focuses on the Internet of things market with low power consumption and wide coverage. Cat-M can satisfy higher data rate and low delay communication, it can satisfy high quality voice, and will be more applied to real-time applications. Following the development of Internet of things technology, Hongdian has designed and developed NB007 signal network analyze equipment of NB-IoT/Cat-M, which provides an accurate, fast and intelligent test tool for operators and users of Internet of things. The test system can quickly obtain the base station parameters of the Internet of things and detect the current network quality. The coverage effect of the network is evaluated by road test or fixed-point test. The service capability of the network can be evaluated by Ping packet test.


NB-IoT and Cat-M signal test is requried for different industry, some of them are special environment like moist or inside cabinet, requires special product to satisfy the test case. Not like 3G/4G, NB-IoT and Cat-M signal strength not able to be detected by mobile phone, so no fast way to check signal existance and strength. Best operator and best location fast detection and confirmation is required for NB-IoT and Cat-M devices onsite deployment. Official report is required for manager to check to confirm that device is installed under good signal coverage.

Hongdian NB007 NB-IoT Analyzer is a hand-held expert NB-IoT/Cat-M signal quality analyzer. By analyzing various signal parameter, it can determine the strength and stability of signal in a simple way. NB007 supports IP64 dust and water proof, so it can be used in moist environment. It also supports special test mode that user can put it into closed cabinet and let it finish test automatically. With advanced design, NB007 can indicate signal strength fast and easily, so user can select the best installation location and the best network operator in short time. NB007 Support report function to record the test. The report includes signal strength analyzed result, location in map and onsite photos.
Convenient Signal Testing
Signal quality test become very easy and fast.
Easy to Manage
Official report can be summarized to management to confirm installation and guarantee the installation quality.
Cost Reduction
Installation cost getting down prominently as the no expert tech is required for terminal installation anymore.
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