IoT Products
Cellular Router
Hongdian Cellular Router series is designed in strict accordance with industrial standards, with built-in high-performance processor, embedded operating system and high-quality 4G/5G module. It has excellent qualities such as high/low temperature resistance, dustproof, earthquake resistance and strong electromagnetic interference resistance. It is widely used in finance, transportation, vehicle, electric power, environmental protection, industrial automation, commercial chain and other industries.
  • Support global carriers
  • Secure and reliable networking
  • 10,000,000+ devices deployment worldwide
  • Cloud platform remote operation and maintenance
Edge-computing Gateway
Hongdian Edge-computing Gateway series has strong edge computing capability and open software architecture design, providing fast and flexible customization. Rich and diversified interfaces can realize local real-time data analysis and intelligent processing. Industrial standard design, with dust-proof, water proof, oil-proof, anti-strong electromagnetic interference function, it can be adapted to different industry scenarios.
  • Support 300+ industrial protocols
  • 4G/5G/Wi-Fi/WAN networking access for stable and secure
  • Powerful edge computing capability
  • High industrial standard design
AIoT Gateway
Hongdian's Cellular Routers are industrial grade, simple-to-manage, enabling IoT / M2M deployments anywhere in the world and offering full flexible API integration and pricing structures, to fit your IoT business needs.
  • Always online 4G network
  • Global LTE bands support
  • Cloud based management
  • Market approved quality
Android Industrial Computer
Hongdian Android Industrial Computer series integrates IoT and AI technology and provides hardware support such as facial payment and machine vision applications. It has edge computing and voice interaction capabilities and carries AI artificial intelligence motherboard supporting big data operation, face recognition algorithm, etc. It can be used in vending machines, intelligent express cabinets, human-computer interaction large game terminal, unmanned settlement platform, interactive advertising machine and other kinds of self-service terminals.
  • High-performance ARM motherboard architecture
  • Lightweight AI algorithm
  • Powerful video codec capability
  • Industrial-grade screen
IoT Solutions
About Hongdian
Founded in 1997, we are a 5G+AIoT expert and global provider of IoT products & solutions. With rapidly growing technology, we’ve helped our customers create smarter connected products with high quality, reliability, and rock-solid stability performance. We developed a broad portfolio of products for the most complex areas of Industry 4.0, smart city, smart grid, smart vending, etc. We control every stage of the product development cycle, allowing us to respond quickly and efficiently to market demands.
  • 26+ yrs
    Industry Experience
  • 250+
    R&D Engineers
  • 30000+
    Industry Customer Recognition
  • 10000+
    Successful Projects
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