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Q: What is the length of the router antenna's feeder line, and how long can it support?
A: The standard antenna length is 1.5m/2.5m, considering attenuation, it is not recommended to exceed 5m.
Q: How to do dual card backup function in router?
A: Log in to the router configuration interface, go to the Networks→Modem page to add two dialing rules, one for SIM1, one for SIM2, and on the Networks→Parameter Select page, add two rules, one for the SIM1 interface and one for the SIM2 interface.
Q: Does H8951 support WLAN as the main connection and 4G as the backup connection?
A: Yes.
Q: Does H8922S support dual SIM card link backup?
A: Yes.
Q: What certifications have the router passed?
A: At present, some overseas product routers have passed CEFCCRoHSICPTCRB and some operators certification Verizon/Sprint/AT&T/ROGERS/TELUS.
Q: How to import/export configuration files for routers?
A: Log in to the router configuration interface, enter the System→Files page, and export/import the configuration file through the Backup Setting.
Q: How the router uses DDNS for remote access?
A: Log in to the router configuration interface, enter the Applications→DDNS page, enable the DDNS function, configure the relevant parameters of the DDNS service, and configure the domain name and IP address mapping on the DDNS service provider page
Q: Does the DHCP Server take effect for all IP1-4 in the LAN port?
A: The DHCP service assigns the IP of the LAN1 subnet, and does not assign the IP of the LAN2-LAN4 network segment.
Q: How many DHCP clients does H8922S support?
A: 253 DHCP clients are supporte by H8922S.
Q: Can H8951 and H8922S use the same firmware?
A: Yes. H8922S_V40 and H8951_V40 share the same firmware, but the boot file is not shared. H8922S_V12 and H8951_V30 share the same firmware, but the boot file does not share.
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