Hongdian 5G RedCap Industrial intelligent gateway has been verified by China Unicom 5G IoT OpenLab

Nov 07, 2023

Recently, China Unicom 5G IoT OpenLab and Hongdian completed the end-to-end test verification of the 5G RedCap industrial intelligent gateway, and issued the OpenLab certification for RedCap terminals, laying a solid foundation for the scale promotion of the RedCap industry and the empowerment of the entire industry.

China Unicom 5G IoT OpenLab is an innovative technology service open platform for the construction of aggregation industry ecosystem. The laboratory has leading R16 enhanced and R17 RedCap network test environments and automated test processes, and can conduct scenario-based testing and verification of 5G enhanced features such as 5G LAN, high-precision timing, uRLLC enhanced, and multi-network slicing.

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