5G Intelligent Agriculture

From a global perspective, the waste of water in agriculture and forestry is serious and the utilization coefficient of irrigation water is low. For example, one of the north America country uses 852 billion liters of water every year in agricultural country and forestry water consumption accounts for about 80% of the total water consumption. It's utilization rate is only 45%, while countries with high utilization rate of water resources has reached 70%~80%. Water-saving and energy-efficient irrigation methods are trend in the development of water supply technology in the world today. Therefore, it is very important to solve the problem of water-saving irrigation water for agriculture and forestry. Hongdian has rich experience in this vertical industry market. We have launched agricultural irrigation machinery networking solution. With remote control, GPS positioning, DTU sensor solutions, the intelligence and networking of agriculture enables farm operators to achieve higher benefits.

In traditional agriculture and forestry irrigation industry, it’s hard to control the amount of water and fertilizer in real time and effectively. We need to manually open and close the water valve regularly, which will undoubtedly cause a waste of water resources and fertilizer. Nowadays, we use agriculture IoT sensors and coupled with AI and machine learning algorithms to produce more food per acre with less water and fertilizer waste. Using water and fertilizer more efficiently is not only to protect water resources, but also to protect the land.

The impact of 5G on the farm is its at-scale facilitation of technologies such as the IoT, AI, edge computing, drones and autonomous vehicles. 5G could let farmers deploy IoT sensors devices in the fields at scale.With autonomous drones connect to Hongdian A50M 4G/5G Router, the farmer can manage and operate autonomous drones. Hongdian A50M 4G/5G router provides high-speed data exchange, support the RS232/RS485 interface of DTU/Modbus, and can connect a large number of accessible devices through Hongdian Wedora platform. Hongdian Router OS provides advanced functions such as OPENVPN, IPSec, SMS, LinkBackup, LinkSwitch, to ensure the autonomous drones use and operation process stable and safe. It can switch on and off the field water valve in real time and monitor the state in real time. Through this equipment, can realize many functions such as automatic collection of water consumption, real-time monitoring of images, achieving the purpose of saving irrigation water, and scientific and efficient management of irrigation area. The management personnel can manage the site through the management platform.

DTU Supported
The temperature and humidity of the surface, shallow layer, and deep layer were measured by soil moisture sensor for all-weather and real-time monitoring.
Efficient Irrigation
In the situation of unattended, the system can automatically remote command to watering according to the demand of crop growth and according to the proportion of direct supply to crops. The use of the system can greatly improve the efficiency of irrigation water.
Small and Flexible
A50M is extremely small and convenient to install into small interspace.
Industrial Design
All Hongdian’s Routers and gateways designed to work in a complex environment around the clock have a wide operating temperature range and a hard shell.
Data Analysis
Combined with cloud computing analysis, the data collected by the sensors can comprehensively, scientifically and truly reflect the soil changes in the monitored areas, timely and accurately provide the soil conditions of the monitoring points, and provide important basic information for disaster reduction and drought relief.
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