5G Private Network

As time goes by, the evolution from 4G private networks to 5G private networks happened. 5G private networks have the advantages of large bandwidth, wide connectivity, low latency, and high security. Many application scenarios have been switched to 5G private networks. Including security monitoring, logistics and freight, and patrol inspection of unmanned aerial vehicles, etc., requires the support of 5G private network. Hongdian has launched a variety of 5G-related products as access devices for 5G private networks. Applications that were originally under 4G private networks can be quickly switched to 5G private networks.

The traditional wireless private network is generally based on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID, industrial wireless technology. There are problems such as unstable performance, poor terminal mobility, limited coverage and so on because of the various types of network from different suppliers and different periods, resulting in the background can not be connected, and the existence of frequency interference. For manufacturing enterprises, the above problems appear more prominent in the production process. The core competitiveness of manufacturing enterprises comes from trade secrets such as manufacturing technology, production information, and process data need to be closely protected. Using 5G large bandwidth, low delay, high reliability, multi-connection network capability, and edge computing, to achieve digital transformation and improve production efficiency.

The 5G private network mainly relies on the network frequency bands of the operator, and the private networks deployed by the network operator to the enterprise is isolated from the public network. Hongdian 5G gateway can be used as a centralized network access point for existing devices and access the existing 5G private network without changing the network with devices. Some small machines that need to run independently can also use our 5G equipment, which can be embedded in the machine to quickly access the 5G private network. Hongdian 5G gateways are available in two versions, single-card and dual-card versions, which back up each other, and Hongdian 5G gateway can be configured with private network APN to make data transmission more secure. Hongdian also provides the Wedora platform management service to manage all connected Hongdian 5G gateways.


Fast Deployment
Most of Hongdian 5G products are suitable for outdoor installation and small 5G gateways that can be installed inside robots are available for customers to choose. Part of 4G products will simultaneously launch 5G versions while keeping the overall volume unchanged, so customers can directly replace 4G routers originally used with 5G routers.

Industry Customization
Hongdian has a wealth of successful cases in many industries. Successful applications in 4G private network can be directly switched to 5G private network. Customers can also adapt more application scenarios according to the characteristics of 5G network.
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