5G Telemedicine

In the past, the development of telemedicine has been difficult due to the limitations of network and terrain. Nowadays, through 5G technology, telemedicine can be free from the influence of terrain and region and enjoy services anytime and anywhere through 5G network. Telemedicine is use the modern communication technology, through the two-way transmission of data, voice, image and other information, to realize the telemedicine service without space restrictions. Telemedicine is a new medical service which closely combines signal transmission technology, communication technology, and medical professional technology.

Traditional medical system generally operates under the private network; it has a lot of limitation.Even some medical systems are running on the public network, and a good experience cannot be obtained. Many scenarios cannot be connected via a wired network. Due to the large number of bytes of medical image information, the network transmission bandwidth is very high. Even if 4G communication network is adopted, information transmission will be discontinuous, asynchronous and unclear, which will reduce the efficiency of diagnosis, affect the decision-making of treatment plan and significantly reduce the quality of remote consultation.With the development of 5G technology, large bandwidth, wide connection and low latency have solved the problem of data transmission quality.

The 5G industrial gateway launched by Hongdian can be rapidly deployed in any scene, enabling medical personnel and patients to access the 5G network more conveniently. And according to the advantages of 5G communication technology, it can solve the problem of large amounts of data transmission. High-quality image transmission and ultra-low latency make remote surgery possible. In some mobile scenarios, such as ambulances, medical services can also be accessed smoothly. The Hongdian router can be connected to a 5G dedicated network built by the operator, so that medical services can operate in a secure dedicated network. Hongdian also provides cloud platform services for devices to facilitate online management of 5G devices.

5G Advantage
On the basis of traditional medical treatment, telemedicine based on 5G communication integrates wireless communication technology of small devices and high-speed mobile communication technology in various modes, which can realize remote surgical operation, wireless remote consultation, patient monitoring and real-time follow-up, command and decision-making of emergency rescue events, etc.
Safe and High-speed Transmission
Hongdian 5G device not only integrates multimedia network and wireless communication technology, but also support the safe and high-speed transmission of massive multimedia medical data, and can further realize the deep sharing of high-end medical resources.
Remote Treatment
With the development of telemedicine technology, individual and family patients can use 5G devices to access the private medical network, and can have access to high-quality treatment and rescue resources without space and time restrictions.
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