5G WiFi Coverage in Construction Site

From real-time 3D modelling to GPS tracking equipment and tools, construction sites are often hotbeds of the latest in cutting edge technology. Getting devices to talk to one another, on the other hand, can be a challenge. After all, plugging a laptop into a wall is tough when the wall hasn’t been built yet. This presents a clear use case for wireless as the primary method of network connectivity in the industry, an area which is proving just as transformational as the physical devices it connects. From gigabit speeds over LTE to the millisecond latency of 5G, the power of the wireless WAN (WWAN) is allowing sites to achieve an ethernet-like quality of connection but without the need to lay a single cable.


1. The harsh environment of the construction site makes the work of the equipment more difficult.

2. More and more cameras and sensors require higher transmission rates.

3. Large construction sites require wider WiFi coverage.

4. Network security has become a challenge, and how to ensure data security has become a problem.


The industrial gateway Z1 released by Hongdian has been deployed by customers on the construction site in Hong Kong. IP65 allows the device to work normally in harsh environments for a long time, and at the same time, Z1 supports 5G NSA/SA networking mode, can provide more than 800Mbps download rate and up to 100Mbps upload rate; more importantly, Z1 supports WiFi 2.4G&5.8G, cover more than 200M, and access up to 64 clients. The current network is facing more and more security threats. Z1 supports multiple types of VPNs, It can also make your data more secure while providing high speeds.


Remote Operation
Site machinery to ensure operational ability, availability, remote or autonomous construction operations.

Real-time Performance
Site components to ensure coordination with the project, enabling real-time reactions to changes and updates.

Secure Networking
With 5G network, cameras and sensors can be deployed more effectively to improve safety by tracking individuals’ safety compliance through smart vests, helmets, and shoes.
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