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The Internet of Things (IoT) is about interconnecting embedded systems, it brings two innovative technologies: wireless connectivity and smart sensors. Obviously, IoT is going to have great influences on society, business and even our consumer behaviors. Take the ATM market as example, with the rapid development of ICT, how to manage the ATM and ensure the use-friendly experience have become an urgent issue. However, the appearance of IoT is changing the situation. Before the days of IoT, the ATM could only be placed where the landline connectivity is available with long installation time and high cost. But now, ATM can be removed anywhere and any time by putting a wireless box into the ATM instead of waiting the phone company to activate the landline. Hongdian Wireless ATM Networking Solution has successfully applied in global ATMs market and help our partner cover more than 70% market share of wireless ATMs in Thailand. 100,000 Hongdian cellular routers are sold every year with our solution.

The traditional wired ATM uses the landline to access networking, it has many problems such as deploy and removal difficulty, long installation time, security threats, difficult managing and so on.

With the huge demand of wireless ATMs in the market and many years of experience in the M2M field, Hongdian has launched the Wireless ATM Networking Solution. It entirely changes the whole face of traditional wired ATM’s situation. It can support both wireless and landline networking. The user can use mobile network access to expand business in advance and no need to wait for the phone company to activate the landline which is more secure than before. The traditional wired ATM uses the VPN while our solution carry the VPDN network and VPN, and the solution is traceable and manageable for the devices which enables the user to manage mass devices remotely.

As the key part of Hongdian Wireless ATM Networking Solution, Hongdian H8922S features with high stability and cost-effective. The dual SIM for carries redundancy makes the data safer and the bonding function accelerates the data transmission to ensure good customer experience, the advanced security features(VPN and event logging), management platform supported, etc. Hongdian H8922S has also passed though the global certifications such as CE, FCC, RoHS, EMC, etc.

Secure Networking
Customization with embedded programming, built-in VPN,SSL encryption, event logging, and closable LAN port with other remote configurable tools which can prevent the unplanned visit and illegal network invasion.
Mobile deployment
Easy to install a temporary ATM where a wired connection is impractical and it can be moved anywhere, anytime, for any reason.
Easy to Manage
Centralized management to monitor the status and location of ATMs at real time.
Fast and Effective Installation
No need wire, just plug the wireless box into the ATM, be equipped with a power source and all is done. It is easily integrated into the ATMs which reduces the cost and lower the installation time.
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