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According to research, global Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems market will reach $286.8 billion by 2026. HVAC system is important and indispensable in almost all buildings and factories. HVAC systems are widely used in various fields of residential and commercial buildings, including education, medical treatment, retail, office, government and airport. Market growth is expected to be driven by increased demand for energy-saving HVAC systems to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. Growing concerns about climate change, rising energy prices and carbon emissions continue to promote the adoption of HVAC systems in the commercial sector. The market will also benefit from the growing demand for energy-saving products. Rebates for energy-saving systems such as air conditioning and HVAC encourage commercial building users to implement and upgrade HVAC systems.

HVAC are widely used for heating and cooling in buildings. Without centralized monitoring, it is hard to maintain the equipment to operate normally with constant temperature and constant cooling, also not able to ensure timely after-sales maintenance in case of air conditioning failure. Tens of thousands of air conditioning units distributed in different buildings and areas. If there is no centralized platform to collect the historical operation data of the systems, it is difficult to manage and maintain all the systems efficiently.

Hongdian provides X2 4G/5G intelligent gateway to connect the air conditioning controller to internet and collect various types of data. It can also use local buffer mechanism to intelligently upload data to reduce network overhead while ensuring data reliability real time performance; Combined with the alarm threshold set by the customer, equipment fault alarm and diagnosis is realized; The technicians in the service center of the air conditioner manufacturer can respond quickly after the fault occurs and diagnose the fault and provide timely and efficient equipment maintenance service to the customers of air conditioning manufacturers.

Hongdian Wedora cloud platform can monitor the operation of wireless data transmission terminal in real time, also realize the remote access and control to air conditioning units. Through the powerful data monitoring and analysis ability of the platform, it can analyze all kinds of data from air conditioning equipment, control and manage, and realize the interconnection and comprehensive monitoring of each HVAC equipment.

Reduce Maintenance Cost
Use Hongdian X2 4G/5G to help HVAC service providers complete all HVAC unified management, effectively improve management efficiency and reduce operation and maintenance costs.
Energy Saving
It can provide maintenance notice and timely notify customer, reducing the energy loss caused by abnormal working cycle of the system. At the same time, intelligent analysis and control can keep the system running with high efficiency and energy saving, and achieve the effect of substantial energy saving.
Reduce Downtime
Manufacturers and building operators can predict any potential problems in their systems to reduce downtime and ensure uninterrupted service delivery.
Reduce the Cost of Data Transmission
Through Python development, the edge computing function can be realized for data analysis and processing. Customers can customize intelligent logical processing and local data preprocessing to reduce the load on the cloud.
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