Link Backup

Link backup is a network backup technology designed to improve network reliability and connectivity. Hongdian specially designs multi-card and multi-modem link backup function for cellular networks. Backup paths are provided for the network by using multiple physically and logically independent connections. When one of the main line connections fails, the backup line can seamlessly take over the data transfer to ensure network interruption and improve system availability, reliability, and fault tolerance.


Improve system availability - Link backup has a seamless switchover function, which can quickly detect faults on the main line and automatically transfer data traffic to the backup path, ensuring continuous network running.

Improve system reliability - Link backup can use multiple physically and logically independent connections, which reduces the risk of single point of failure and enhances network redundancy.

Improve the fault tolerance of the system - Link backup allows data to flow between multiple paths. Therefore, even if one path fails, data can continue to be transmitted through other paths.

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