Oil & Gas Pipeline Monitoring

In order to optimize production and operations, industrial scenarios such as oil and gas fields require constant access to remote field data from pressure sensors, gas meters, and SCADA systems. Many traditional machinery devices do not have access to the network. More and more companies are connecting oil and gas equipment to distribution networks through 4G/5G networks. Traditional wired networks are very difficult to deploy in oil fields, gas fields, and other industrial scenarios. Hongdian 4G/5G routing products can solve the problem of network deployment and connect traditional machinery to the network.

Oil and gas operators are facing significant technological change. The implementation of new services and applications are the key. From the perspective of bearer networks, different types of critical applications have different requirements for bearer networks, especially mechanical connections and network access of various sensors in industrial scenarios. The problems are not only wired network difficult to deploy in industrial environments, also due to the oil and gas pipelines are long, the large number of network management access routes is a big problem. How should we solve the large number of device access has become a challenge.

Oil and gas companies can access real-time data from their equipment through the 4G/5G router provided by Hongdian. Many traditional mechanical devices can add sensors and video surveillance cameras to achieve data monitoring. Many new factories are already using 5G-based automation solutions to monitor and operate equipment in real time by 5G networks. Through the server, the clients can monitor, statist, view all the online devices. Hongdian's 5G equipment can help enterprises quickly access 5G private network, can quickly improve production efficiency and the operating performance of equipment. It can also assist in management and maintenance.

Easy to Deploy
Compared with traditional land lines, cellular network removes the most of requirement of environment. And config tools make installations easier for plant managers to monitor and maintain critical equipment.
Work with your data server or Hongdian cloud platform, two-way cellular communications between equipment and server, allow you to monitor sensors timely and receive alerts that reduce or eliminate manual processes.
Optimize Safety & Security
Optimize safety and security by monitoring asset location and utilization across dispersed assets.
Together with Hongdian cloud platform, wireless solutions could easily scale from tens to millions of node and reduce maintenance, increase efficiency by using advantages of cloud services in the meantime.
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