Intelligent Operation and Maintenance of Power Distribution Room

As an important hub of terminal electric energy supply and distribution, the running stability of distribution room is directly related to the reliability of power supply and the safety of life and property. At present, the equipment inspection, facility maintenance and operation safety control of the distribution room are mainly managed by manual management. However, the efficiency of manual inspection is not high, and modern intelligent monitoring and inspection schemes are urgently needed.

In the case of limited operation and maintenance manpower and material resources, it is inevitable that the inspection period is too long, the coverage rate is not high, and the security control effect is not obvious. The current equipment status monitoring, environmental monitoring and security monitoring means of the power distribution room are also relatively backward, unable to quickly warn against illegal intrusion and abnormal equipment conditions.

Based on 5G communication +5G edge computing, Hongdian provides intelligent operation and maintenance solutions for the power distribution room, uses Smart2000 AI side station for intelligent video analysis, supports a variety of industrial protocols, and can conduct real-time processing and intelligent identification of massive data on the edge side, enabling the whole power distribution room system to have intelligent analysis, diagnosis, equipment linkage and other functions. Reduce the construction period of intelligent application system, reduce the overall construction and maintenance costs, improve the timely troubleshooting rate, and improve operation and maintenance efficiency.

Real-time monitoring of equipment status
Continuous all-round monitoring of main power equipment and environment in the distribution room, providing more comprehensive data support for the analysis, diagnosis, operation and maintenance of equipment running status.
Efficient operation and maintenance, improve the timely troubleshooting rate
AI intelligent identification, abnormal alarm analysis, improve the security and reliability of device operation, reduce the security risks of device operation and power supply.
Flexible deployment reduces the construction cycle of the application system
It supports the cloud-edge collaboration mechanism and docker container function to meet the requirements of one-click deployment, making the deployment of business applications more flexible.
Reduce operation and maintenance cost
Support the remote automatic online inspection of the distribution room, so that equipment operators can master the equipment environment condition without arriving at the site, appropriately reduce the inspection times and inspection time of staff, improve personnel efficiency, and reduce the operation and maintenance cost of the distribution room.
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