Railway Networking Solution

Long Term Evolution for Railways (LTE-R) is a next-gen communications network dedicated for railway services, enabling high-speed wireless voice and data communications inside trains, from the train to the ground and from train to train. This network supports voice communication among drivers, control center operators, maintenance and other railway staff supporting, push-to-talk group communication, broadcasting, location-dependent addressing and multilevel prioritization; data communication for the train control signaling and other operation and maintenance as well as text messaging during voice communication; multimedia communication for wireless video surveillance, mobile video conference, file,sharing, mobile office and passenger infotainment services.

Data-based communication is getting faster and faster, so the current GSM-R network can't keep up with the demand, and in South Korea's subway, it's already started deploy LTE-R networks, because they bring more network connections and higher download rates. In the future, more countries will deploy LTE-R networks. At the same time, due to the special environment of the train, the equipment needs a more robust design to meet this requirement.

The HD H7960 is in charge of providing ground-to-train communication and onboard connectivity. It has been specifically designed for high-speed trains. Thanks to its rugged hardware design, it is fully protected against vibrations and can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -25℃ to 70℃.

Support existing GSM-R services
Improve end-to-end performance and reliability
Strong security defense
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