Hongdian SD-LAN is a dynamic LAN configuration and management scheme based on SDN and cloud computing technology. It decouples network and application logic from underlying devices and provides exclusive channels for Intranet devices, facilitating independent management and access of Intranet devices. Technology Hongdian SD-LAN enables customers to use a more flexible, scalable and manageable network environment.


Automatic configuration - The SD-LAN automatically identifies and configures network devices, reducing the complexity of manual configuration.

Centralized management - SD-LAN can manage the network through a centralized controller, which gives the global network control to the administrator, improving visibility and controllability.

Flexibility - SD-LAN can quickly make network configuration changes based on business requirements, meeting the needs of fast enterprise iteration.

Improve network efficiency - The SD-LAN automates network configuration and management, reduces manual intervention and human error, and improves network efficiency and stability.

Cost reduction - The SD-LAN can avoid expensive network equipment and complex configuration process, thus reducing enterprise operating costs.

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