Smart Water Management System

With the development of industrialization and urbanization, more and more water is polluted due to human production behavior, waste water is difficult to be managed by some illegal behavior, waste water is discharged to human life water, which makes a serious effect to human health, for human further life, we must protect our home environment, if home environment is destroyed, we can not live any more, so it is no hesitation in protecting life water and monitoring waste water for human. For protecting life water and escaping waste water discharged to human life water, we need to solve how to monitor waste water effectively and uniformly in our city and know about.

In the past, environmental engineers generally used on-site sampling and testing methods when conducting water quality monitoring, that is, directly testing the outlet and inlet of the sewage, and then analyzing the water quality and drawing relevant conclusions.Through this traditional monitoring method, not only a lot of energy is spent, but the monitoring and analysis results have a certain degree of randomness. Therefore, it is difficult to reflect the actual situation of water pollution, and the difficulty coefficient is relatively high in the process of water pollution supervision and management. Therefore, it is extremely urgent to provide an effective, practical and advanced monitoring system and solutions in monitoring and supervision, and it is extremely urgent to establish an online monitoring system for sewage treatment. It is imperative to improve the water quality monitoring capability.

Above these requirements, Hongdian has published industrial leading waste water manage smart network, we called it Sponge City Sensing System(SCSS), in view of the importance of monitoring data and simulation technology for urban planning, construction and operation, plenty of sensors are deployed on the monitoring sites, with 3G/4G, Hongdian router transfers these sensors data to Hongdian IoT management platform which provides data support for monitoring and evaluating system, monitoring and evaluating system is based on swmm and generates different alarm reports about water quality real-time, administrator can find and notify the relative responsible person to stop waste water in time.

Real-time Monitoring
Monitoring water dynamic flow in real-time and upload these monitoring data to Hongdian IoT management platform (SCSS) via 4G/3G/2G, in which produces water quality alarm report viewed by administrator.
Data Storage
These water monitoring data are stored on the platform, not only provides original data support for sponge city planning and construction, but also works as city water quality monitoring and evaluation long term platform.
Real-time Alarm
Find and locate waste water hidden danger without delay, meantime reports alarm SMS to the relative administrator automatically, it keeps water quality synchronizes with administrator constantly.
Easy Deployment
Monitoring site installation and deployment are easy, not need to use network cables, thus reduces the effective cost and period, all monitoring sites status are managed by Hongdian IoT management platform remotely and uniformly, also decreases future maintenance cost.
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