Solar Energy Remote Monitoring

With the enhancement of environmental protection awareness and the growth of global energy demand, the promotion and application of clean energy has become an inevitable trend. At present, clean energy mainly includes solar energy, wind energy, natural gas, water conservancy, hydrogen energy and so on. Solar energy is growing the fastest.The locations and places where solar power is deployed urgently need network access for management and control.

The solar controller is deployed in a special location and often exposed to the sun, resulting in a harsh environment. A stable industrial router is required for networking. After the solar controller is connected to the Internet, it needs to transmit a large amount of data, which may contain some sensitive information, such as users' personal information and equipment information. If the data is leaked or hacked, users and enterprises will suffer serious losses.

The Hongdian cellular router is added into the solar control system, and the information collected by the controller is transmitted to the cloud platform for collection and statistics, which makes the management, operation and maintenance more convenient and fast. The macro router can also provide network security guarantees such as remote firmware update, VPN, and data encryption to protect user data.

High Network Reliability
Hongdian industrial routers use cellular networks for networking, which can achieve high network reliability and avoid communication failures caused by LAN failures or internet connection interruptions.
Wide Coverage
The cellular network has covered a global range, greatly ensuring the network coverage of solar controllers, and will not be subject to regional restrictions like Wi-Fi.
High Stability
Hongdian industrial router networking solution can maintain the stability of network connections in complex environments, and even in harsh weather conditions, it can achieve remote monitoring and management of solar controllers.
High Speed
Cellular networks can provide high-speed data transmission services, which can accelerate communication speed between solar controllers and cloud service platforms, achieving faster data transmission and command response time.
Easy to Manage and Maintain
Hongdian industrial routers have manageability and monitoring capabilities, which can remotely monitor and manage devices connected to the network, sense device status in real-time, and provide more comprehensive and efficient maintenance services.
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