VPN Based Remote Monitoring

Strengthening information management, formulating effective production plans with big data, IoT and other technologies helps factory become smart. In the production of large enterprises, cross factory and cross regional equipment maintenance, remote problem debug and other scenarios are often involved.Therefore, virtual private network technology is essential to ensure data security. Hongdian has a lot of successful experience in industrial factories, so that smart factories can be quickly built and put into use, the factory operation efficiency is higher, and greater benefits are generated. It solves the problem of remote management of the factory by the enterprise.

In the scenario of smart manufacturing, the management of the machines has evolved from passive response to on-demand remote monitoring and control. But there are some challenges standing in front of the customer:
1. Great amount of public IP address is needed for the gateway increase the ISP service cost.
2. Lack of encryption leads to unsafe data transmission.
3. There are a large number of equipment in the factory operating and managing, which cannot be unified scheduling or batch management.
4. High security authentication method is required for engineers to access into the factory LAN.

Hongdian provides Hongdian X2 IOT Industrial Gateway to help enterprises realize smart factory. Hongdian X2 has a high-performance processor, easy to handle concurrent tasks, support RS-232/485/448 serial port, and compatible with mainstream industrial machine protocol. With Hongdian’s deep research and development capabilities, powerful software system can also be customized for enterprises to meet all the needs of the intelligent factory. Hongdian X2 could establish a secure VPN tunnel with the VPN server from the remote LAN, which could avoid the cost for the public IP address assignment. Engineers will be able to connect directly from their laptop to the remote factory LAN from anywhere, only need to use a VPN client software to connect to the VPN server. With multiple industrial protocol integrated, X2/A50M acts as a powerful gateway to help the engineer to retrieve data from different kind of devices connected to the router.

Data Encryption Tunnel
Various of VPN protocols supported, includes IPsec VPN, OpenVPN, PPTP/L2TP, DMVPN, GRE. Data flow will be encrypted with advanced algorithms when being transmitted on the internet.
Save Network Cost
connection from router to the VPN server, providing on-demand easy remote access to the routers without needing multiple public IP for each router and lower machine.
Data Security & Isolation
Ensuring the flow isolation and data security for different departments. The business data stream is isolated from the control and monitoring stream of the factory system. Avoiding any network problem occurs in the business system from spreading to the factory system and vice versa.
Remote Management & Monitoring
Hongdian Wedora Cloud Platform remote batch management of Hongdian X2, monitoring of equipment operation, monitoring real time online status, signal strength, and data traffic of the routers. Instant e-mail alarm when issue happens.
Industrial Design
All Hongdian routers and gateways have a wide operating temperature range and a hard rugged shell, designed to work in a complex environment around the clock.
Rich Industrial Protocols
Compatible with the mainstream industrial agreement: COAP/ MQTT/ HTTPS/ CAN/ MODBUS/PROFINET, etc.
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