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Wedora device manager is a remote IoT device cloud software empowering all of Hongdian's products with continuous and stable operation for customer's devices and network, meanwhile reducing on-site operation and maintenance expenses. It can be used as an infrastructure to provide the basic capabilities of device access and data services to the upper layer applications. Wedora would be an ideal option for you to build a business platform based on IoT devices.
Platform Function
Big Data Analysis
Wedora cloud platform supports device operation data, traffic data collection, processing, analysis and display. It provides device status assessment, device online rate calculation and alarm functions for enterprises and predictive maintenance for customers which can reduce labor costs.
  • Online data analysis
  • Traffic statistics
  • Grouping device statistics
  • Carrier data statistics
Device Management
Wedora cloud platform provides powerful device management function which's suitable for various application scenarios. It provides data monitoring and operation & maintenance management sevices allowing you to track and manage the entire lifecycle of devices, ensuring the security and reliability of device status.
  • Massive devices access
  • Batch configure
  • Batch upgrade
  • SD-LAN operation and maintenance
Alarm Management
Wedora cloud platform provides multiple user-defined alarm types and alarm modes based on alarm time and level, and sends alarms to operation and maintenance personnel by email or mobile phone, providing hierarchical alarms.
  • Device offline alarm
  • Device network switching alarm
  • Signal abnormal alarm
  • Traffic threshold alarm
Group Operation and Maintenance
Wedora cloud platform provides customer group operation and maintenance function, each customer can establish their own group and create operation and maintenance accounts with different permissions according to groups.
  • Device grouping
  • Group permissions
  • Fine operation and maintenance
  • Increase income and reduce costs
Platform Advantage
Over a million devices access
Perfect solution for solving the problems of high concurrency, long connection, high-frequency acquisition occurring in the devices
SOA microservices architecture
Decoupling of application and service components with more flexible component expansion and service support
Flexible deployment
Customized service with docker containerized deployment
Open interface
Support HTTP standard API interface service
Personalized SDLAN service
Support VPN, SDLAN expanding service, and personalized data transmission service
High reliability and stability
Ensuring system stability with disaster recovery backup
Successful Cases
Customized Cloud Platform for STC, helping customers manage thousands of devices and terminals
Customized Cloud Platform for CSL, completing a private deployment to manage and operate Hongdian routers
Customized Cloud Platform for Amazon, managing Hongdian H7960 POE+ router in the monitoring field
Version Classification
Platform Fuction Standard Version Professional Version Customized Version
Device Management Device control -
Device list -
Remote upgrade/restart -
Parameter configuration -
Data viewing -
Offline-device list -
GIS Mapping -
Device recycling station -
Notification Management System announcement setting -
Notification template -
Basic Service System grouping -
User management -
Role management -
Menu management -
Resource management -
System Management License management -
Log management -
Data Management Data analysis -
TOP ranking -
Patch list -
Task Management Task list -
Task presetting -
Alarm Management Alarm list -
Alarm configuration -
Application Service Mail service -
VPN service -
SDLAN service -
*For a customized version, please contact our sales representative for consultation.
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