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With the comprehensive development of global industry, more and more intelligent robots and mechanical arms are used in the production line. In order to improve production efficiency and product yield, manufacturing enterprises begin to introduce robot applications with high efficiency, durability and high precision. In automotive, panel, wafer, metal, chemical, plastic, food and other fields, industrial robot arms are playing an indispensable key role in the factory. The stability and reliability of the robot and manipulator in the production line is of great significance to ensure the economic benefit of the enterprise.

When a large number of robotic arms are introduced into the automatic production process, the sudden failure of equipment has become a major hidden trouble affecting the production capacity, especially for high-tech manufacturers who need 24-hour non-stop production. Any shutdown of the production line will cause great losses. Some factories ensure manipulator in the event of a failure in a timely manner can become well-paid professional technical personnel in the factory, but often the technical personnel's utilization rate is very low, and the cost of maintenance is high. How to remote monitoring the running state of the manipulator, to predict failure, and realize the precise positioning is particularly important.

Hongdian has proposed monitoring and preventive maintenance system solutions for the current intelligent robots and mechanical precision equipment. The solution is composed of Hongdian Industrial Computing Gateway X2 and Wedora management. It is composed of Hongdian 4G/5G remote computing gateway. Using a network cable or serial port to connect the sensor, and the robot arm will return the collected field data to the monitor for data analysis. The time (every five minutes or every ten minutes) can be set according to the needs of the factory to collect data, support boundary calculation, quickly analyze data, detect abnormal conditions, and quickly respond to the robotic arm. In addition, the preventive data change information is sent to the center for further analysis of abnormal conditions to achieve early stage, management,and reduce operation and maintenance costs.

Running data acquisition and uploading, the system has strong expansibility
X2 is responsible for the important task of data transmission. Using 4G/5G network, it can upload the running state data and processing data collected by the field mechanical arm to the control center in real time, and can remotely view the operation of the equipment. X2 is equipped with large internal memory and external expansion interface, which supports RS232, RS485 and RJ45 interfaces, and can be extended to connect various lower computers, with strong overall expansibility of the system.
Production data analysis, predictive maintenance of equipment, cost reduction
X2 support secondary development environment, customers can customize the data processing model; through the on-site real-time data, historical normal operation data comparison, and real-time analysis of production data, in advance to predict the possible problems of equipment, to achieve advance maintenance and greatly reducing the cost of equipment update.
Remote operation and maintenance on cloud platform to reduce operation and maintenance costs
Enterprises do not need to arrange technicians to be on-site to supervise, and can realize remote viewing and analysis of manipulator data in the monitoring background, and can perform equipment maintenance when the equipment is down, which saves the use of low-profit manipulator technicians and reduces operation and maintenance costs.
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